Protective&Personal Equipment

MASADA ARMOUR understands the importance of reliable and comfortable equipment as the corner stone of an end user.

Our products are designed & manufactured for extensive long lasting comfortable usage. From urban environment to extreme climate, from special operations to every day usage - we will protect and serve your challenging needs.

MASADA ARMOUR is proud to offer state of the art solutions:

1. Protective equipment - certified NIJ IIIA 01.01.04 / 01.01.06 .

2. Protective plates - advanced composite material: Al2O3, PE, Al2O3, SIC

3. Aramid / Kevlar solutions.

4. Special fabrics - fire retardant fabrics, UV invisible fabrics, Dry fit fabrics, camouflage fabrics.

5. Mil spec. accessories - angels, zippers, scotch, rings, hooks, clamps.


  • Extensive range of vests at various protection levels and outer configurations.

  • We offer custom made clients designs


  • For military missions or police riot-control demonstrations.

  • PASGAT / Half cut / Full cut - W/WO communication and cameras fitting

  • Various suspension and shock observer systems.


  • Soldiers, police officers, security personal, body guard, search and rescue teams.

  • Various designs and options are available


  • Made form state of the art Composite advanced materials.

  • In conjunction, stand-alone W / WO trauma support plates.


  • Unique solutions for special force and covert operation - UV & camouflage fabrics.

  • Soldier standard uniforms - combat and all weather training.

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